Fragrance Scent Categories

There are 5 basic categories when classifying the notes of a fragrance. Below I have list each category with examples of the ingredients as well product suggestions within that scent type.

South Beach Perfumes - Armani Code by Giorgio Armani edp 1 oz


Citrus - these fragrances have a fresh and refreshing quality. With the fragrance main notes being citrus fruits such as bitter orange, lemon, lime, and tangerine.




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Fruity - this category is all the berries, apples, apricots, and believe it or not bananas scented fragrances. Just like citrus scented fragrances, fruity fragrances are a refreshing and succulent smell. 


South Beach Perfumes - Alien by Thierry Mugles



Flowery -  this is the most known category with the direct small of a blossoming garden. Fresh roses, ylang-ylang, gardenias, and the most liked jasmine. 



South Beach Perfumes - GREEN TEA by Elizabeth Arden



Herbs - this category is some time referred to "green" smelling scents such as aloe, basil, mint, and all other herbs. 




South Beach Perfumes - Versace Eros


Spices - this category is interesting because it can either have a hot and short duration or a cold and long lasting scent depending on the spice used. Some examples are cinnamon, coffee, cloves, vanilla, and ginger.  

South Beach Perfumes - Pink Sugar by Aquolina



Sweet - these fragrances are the desserts in the fragrance industry. Producing a feeling of euphoria and playfulness in their smell. Some examples are brown sugar, butter cream, honey, and caramel. 


South Beach Perfumes - Quorum by Antonio Puig



WoodsThe scent category ranges wildly across the different types of trees and their bark. Some examples are aspen, bamboo, cedar, and oak. 




We would love to know your thoughts and hear about your favorite scent category? 

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