How do we get such great deals?

Well, this is quite simple once you understand the basics of how fragrances come to fruition.

South Beach Perfumes - Bora Bora

When brands decide they want to create a fragrance, they hire a manufacturer to mass produce the product and package it. Once a physical product is created the manufacturer partners with a distributor which can store and export the product around the world to major retailers.

Since major retailers only purchase from the distributor based on demand and a fluctuating market, this leaves an excessive number of products unpurchased. To not incur additional storage fees, distributors build relationships with independent wholesalers like us to purchase the excess amount of product at a discounted rate.

South Beach Perfumes - StaffSince South Beach Perfumes is passionate about being able to provide the luxury of designer fragrance to the everyday person, we sell products directly to consumers at a low profit margin. You can shop with confidence knowing that all products sold on South Beach Perfumes are 100% authentic and an amazing price.
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