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South Beach Perfumes - Miniature Collection Instagram Video

My whole life I have heard the saying "do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life". Seems easy right? but sometime life takes you on crazy adventures and doing what you love does always pay the bills. It seems as only the lucky few get to enjoy this work-life lifestyle. 

As I gathered my thoughts from everything going on this week and pounder on what to write about. This phrase kept coming to mind. Maybe because I can't help to notice that Mom is one of those lucky few that was able to turn her passion into a business even in the mist necessity. 

As we opened her stored box of collected miniature fragrances, her face lite up with joy, passion and memories. She remembered each product, the designer and the scent. With great excitement she opened each one and admired the detail design of each bottle. She shared stories of places she traveled meeting designers. 

So I ask is it luck or is it passionate determination that allows people to do what they love?

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