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South Beach Perfumes is more then just a fragrance store. We are a company sharing love from our customers to the community. 

We are partnering with Boca Community Church as they pursue their mission in aiding Sao Paulo, Brazil through Operation Mobilization. This organization focuses on assisting the needs of churches world wide with the help of ambitious volunteers. 

A team of 20 individuals, ranging from students to senior citizens, will depart on this Christ centered venture on July 29th. In the upcoming months they'll partake in various trainings as well as fundraising. 

South Beach Perfumes will be focusing on donating 10% of our sales profits from the month of May to help fund the financial needs of these four volunteers.

These are the stories of the students you would be helping.   

Brazil Mission Trip

Meet Fennz: Hoy!! My name is Fennzia Guerrier, I’m one of the participants going on the upcoming missions trip to Brazil. I love jumping in to any opportunity where I get to exercise my faith and share the love of God with those who need it the most. When I heard that our church was bringing a team to Sao Paulo to work alongside the missionaries there, it felt like the perfect opportunity to do that. I also have a passion for learning about cultures different than my own. Every people group reflects God’s character in beautiful and unique ways. Any prayers and financial support for my team and I is greatly appreciated. Obrigada!

Meet Vlad: Hi my name is Vlad and I am super thrilled to be serving on the Brazil missions trip. This missions trip is very special because our team would get to grow and develop a missionary organization within Brazil. One thing about me is that I’ve always wanted to make an impact by going on a missions trip. Seeing an opportunity like this come up was no coincidence. God was calling me to go and serve. So with no hesitation I dedicated myself to this mission. For me it was a tough decision financially. But I decided not to focus on the price tag instead focusing on how God can work through me to reach more people and to further spread his word. Thank you for your help and prayers. 

Meet Emily: Hi! As an upcoming high school graduate I wanted to partake in a fulfilling experience that allows me to see and share Gods works before making my way into college. When I saw the big screens at church reading " Brazil Missions Trip" I knew it couldn't be anything but from God. Furthermore, having the opportunities that come with growing up in the states while striving to succeed for the sacrifice of immigrated parents, has grown a passion for giving back within me. However, I didn't think I'd be able to do so until I had set a career for myself, but this trip allows me to return the love to my Latin community while spreading the gospel for the Lord. 

Meet Thierry: Hey hey! I am Thierry attending the Brasil missions trip. As a futbol player, it would be silly to turn down an opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Brasil, where futbol is practically a way of life. God has shown me that everybody can learn from everybody. I think the Lord gave me the opportunity to put my spiritual gifts to use in the form of this trip, and I would like to utilize them to the upmost extent, taking this experience and further strengthening my faith and conviction in Christ. Any and all support is greatly appreciated, and I am certain that it is going to a good cause. Bless!

You can help us reach our goal by giving additional donations. 100% of all additional donations given will go to help fund the financial needs of these volunteers. 

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