Most Complementary Fragrances

No one wants to be that person that makes others sick from the smell of their fragrance. While scents are subjective to one’s personal taste; there are some common note blends that are highly liked.

The listed below most complimented fragrances have three common main accords in all of them. They are white florals, sweet and vanilla. In addition, they all have the same middle and base notes. White florals are their middle notes and vanilla as their base note.


Libre by Yves Saint Laurent - South Beach Perfumes
Libre by Yves Saint Laurent




Pink Sugar by Aquolina - South Beach Perfumes




Pink Sugar by Aquolina





Floranirvana Pink Bomb by Nu Parfums - South Beach Perfumes





Floranirvana Pink Bomb




Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez - South Beach Perfumes




Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture - South Beach Perfumes





Viva La Juicy by Juice Couture




Which fragrance do you get the most compliments with?

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