Where are fragrances made?

Fragrances today are made is different manufacturing companies around the world. The most well known are located in Italy, France and Germany. 

But have you ever heard of Grasse, France? It has been known as the perfume capital since the 18th century due to its fields of jasmine, may rose, and lavender. With over 30 factories making fragrances. This beautiful historic town is located in the France Rivera near the city of Cannes. 

Making fragrances is no easy task. From farm growing, to flower picking, oil extracting to bottling. It is a long but extremely rewarding process which can be experienced at one of the many museums in Grasse, France. 

Grasse, France is blessed by their fields of the three most liked and desired scents.

Jasmine it is the most liked scent since it is sensual and sweet while also helping release stress, and anxiety.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani - South Beach Perfumes




Armani Code by Giorgio Armani





The second most liked scent in fragrances is Rose. Roses have been known to have a high vibration frequency which when used in a scent have been found to help energize peoples moods.  

Narciso Rodriguez by Narciso Rodriguez - South Beach Perfumes




Narciso Rodriguez by Narciso Rodriguez 




And lastly lavender which is scent with so many benefits. Mostly liked for its clamming and smooth nature. 

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker - South Beach Perfumes 
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
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